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      I am looking for something specific and have been unable to find it on the forums.  I am not even sure if it is feasible.  It isn't a requirement, it is a nice to have.


      Basically I have a 3 page form that I created to assist those submitting requests to me to do them consistently and help mitigate the potential for inaccuracy.  It is a fairly simple form and I found some answers on the forums that helped me get it about 95% there.


      Basically I would like something where the Total Cost box (on page 1 which is derived from a sum calculation from fields on page 2) will be divided by the number of fields with information entered in them from page 3 and show the results in a dollar value in the field Per Person Cost on page 1.



      I have 38 total fields with two different naming conventions on page 3 that need to be included in a script.


      PRINT NAME1 (it goes to PRINT NAME30

      PRINT NAME 1_2 (it goes to PRINT NAME 8_2)


      Hoping I have explained myself well enough.  To summarize:

      Basically if 12 names are entered on page 3, the value shown in the Total Cost box on page 1 ( say $60.00) would be divided by 12 resulting in a Per Person Cost ($5.00) on page 1.


      I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, I couldn't find it.

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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          I would suggest grouping all the fields using the "dot" notation.  For example, "PrintName.1", "PrintName.2", "PrintName.1_2"


          This naming provides an easy methodology for acquiring the fields you want to count.


          If this naming is used, then put this calculation script in the 'PerCost' field


          // Get list of fields to count

          var aFldList = this.getField("PrintName").getArray();

          var nCnt = 0;

          // Count fields that are not empty


          event.value = this.getField("Total Cost").value/nCnt;


          I'm assuming the name for the total cost field is "Total Cost", change this to the correct name

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