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    How can I use refer to or use width and height of other object?

    Adul Kokapan

      I'm currently working on this code


      var doc = app.activeDocument; 


      var textRef1 = doc.textFrames.pointText([300,1000]);

      textRef1.contents = "First para text \rFirst para text \rFirst para text \rFirst para text  \rFirst para text";


      var textRef2 = doc.textFrames.pointText();

      textRef2.contents = "Second para text"; 


      The code is simple just to create point text or maybe rectangle or texframe below "textRef1". But I don't know how to get height and width value of "textRef1"

      Later I will have to create rectangle background as well so I really have to know those value.


      Can you please teach me how to do it?