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    I️ can’t cancel adobe stock or Lightroom subscription


      I am very upset. I accidentally signed up for a trial for adobe stock in October I could not figure out how to cancel it then, I  decided to go ahead and use it.  I remembered this week that my trial would be up soon I  tried to cancel but no plan or product shows up to be able to cancel. I have been trying to get in Contact with someone for the last few days but it is impossible. I got charged over 30 dollars on PayPal today and I am ferious because I have tried everything I know to do and I  can’t figure out how to get it canceled. I  can’t find a number to call or anything. I  am really hoping posting here will help. We will see. I don’t know if it is possible but I would appreciate a refund. Please help! 


      Also I have a lightroom subscription that I️ would like canceled also.