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    What if I have poor internet speed

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      Lightroon CC, the future possibly, good now in the UK, questionable


      With Internet download speeds on good days sometime reaching all of 2 Mbps download, and 0.465 Mbps upload, and latency sometimes in the 100 to 200 ms; keeping data in an cloud is not viable, especially large files. I currently have over 27,000 images, I am not sure I have enough time left to upload them all from home, or the time to wait for them to download should I need them


      Rural parts of the UK, have poor Internet connects, very poor mobile phone signals, no 4G, and sometime I have to go outside to get 2G. This is not unusual in rural England, and we are currently not listed as being considered for high speed broadband. When travelling around the UK, with a laptop in other rural locations, I sometimes cannot log in at all, due to poor or no signal at all. On one silly occasion my laptop locked me out of Lightroom until I drove to a place where I could obtain a connection.


      So, what can the new Lightroom CC do for me, and those in the same position, as there is no option to use Lightroom CC and not upload all your files


      For now I remain with Classic

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          don't use lr cc.  use lr cc classic and disable font and file sync'g

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Choosing Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC right now is an either/or situation anyway. The new Lightroom CC has a very limited feature set compared to Lightroom Classic CC. You can't print, the "develop module" (which really isn't a develop module) is somewhat limited, and if you're accustomed to using a tone curve (which I am) there isn't one. There isn't a histogram which I depend on frequently. It's more of a program (at least right now) for people who want to quickly make adjustments and then post to social media. I play with it a little, but I'm waiting to see how it develops before I take it seriously. I'm not migrating my entire catalog over because I don't see any benefit to it. Don't misunderstand, the new Lightroom CC has some potential. But right now it isn't for me. I post maybe six images a year to share with my family on Facebook. And that's in a good year. I'm not what you would consider a high volume photographer. I'm getting too old for that.