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    Select all transparent pixels in an image?

    alanterra Level 2

      Is there a way to select all transparent pixels in an image?


      I have an image with lots of layers and lots of masks, and I want to select exactly the pixels that are 100% transparent in the image. (Or, alternatively, all the pixels that are not completely transparent).


      I thought I could do this by creating a Fill Layer with a color that doesn't occur in the image, and then Select : Color Range… with a fuzziness of 0 and clicking on one of the colored pixels. But it turns out that this only partially selects the transparent pixels, unless the Fill Layer is Black or White. (Try it out, I was surprised by this behavior). There is also the problem that if you accidentally choose a color in the Fill Layer that happens to be in your image, you will perforce select those pixels too.


      I have a way to do this that is a little convoluted, but I thought that there might be a one-step solution.