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    Launch InDesign using switch Board

      Hi All,
      I am trying to launch InDesign CS3 from Flex 3.0 AIR Application using switch board. I am able to launch and save InDesign document at given path. This document open in default size--
      Page Size: Letter
      Width: 8.5 in
      Heignt: 11 in

      I want to launch inDesign document in a given size. Please help me?

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          SNTS.Santosh Level 1
          Hi All,
          use this script as your java script part, you will see that your document will opne in defined size.

          ****************************************************************************************** **************************
          var myDocument = app.documents.add();

          // Size in Point
          //pageHeight = "600pt";
          //pageWidth = "400pt";

          // Size in mm
          //pageHeight = "60mm";
          //pageWidth = "40mm";

          // Size in cm
          pageHeight = "10cm";
          pageWidth = "5cm";

          //Page Orientation
          pageOrientation = PageOrientation.landscape;
          // Add no of page of same size, e.g. 2
          pagesPerDocument = 2;

          //Save the file (fill in a valid file path on your system).
          myDocument = myDocument.save(new File("/d/snts/myTestDocument.indd"));
          //Close the document

          ****************************************************************************************** **************************