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    Search Replace Macro

    MyMierswa Level 1
      My workplace uses Homesite for all of our scripting needs. I am trying to develop a macro that searches for all instances of special characters, and replaces them with their corresponding HTML character entities. (like replacing & with &). This can be a tedious task when entering in a lot of customer-based content, because any piece of non-standard code will break the page it's on.
      However, in Homesite 5, the Search and Replace feature is broken when recording macros. Does anybody know a work-around for this? I tried editing the macro script manually, but judging form the error messages it seems that the macro doesn't even recognize the Search/Replace command (I believe cmdSearchReplace). If anybody has come up with a work-around for recording this feature in a macro I would be VERY appreciative, as it would save me literally hours. Thanks!