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    May go from MBP to PC for Premiere. But...

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      Preface I am a Mac and PC person. My day to day can see me on one of my MBPs, or in my IT capacity I am on a PC and have supported and built many PCs over the years. I've recently decided to put up more videos, usually running 1-10 minutes long.


      I have noticed that working in Premiere on my longer videos that I am pushing the envelope on it's capabilities. Now I don't make any bones that this MBP is not mean to be a video editing beast, but I am now wondering if I should throw a PC at this issue to help speed up some of the editing and exporting capabilities.


      I have a MBP 3.1 GHz i7, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, and a Iris 6100. Paying back 1080 video can get choppy at times in Premiere so many times my preview settings are set on 1/2 to compensate. I do so basic enhancements and on average it seems that my export time is around 2.5x - 3x the length of the video. That seems a bit on the high side, so I guess first things first is setting a level of expectations. Now I don't plan on doing 4k anytime soon, but given the pace of things I would be remiss to not think of that as a possibility and I can only assume performance on my MBP would be atrocious.


      So first question is just how much of a performance boost would I be looking at with a decent video editing rig


      And if the investment is worth it, what direction to take. I have heard some people having some various issues with Ryzen and Threadrippers, and that performance of Photoshop on them is very bad. So I may stick with a i7 or maybe go up to a i9, descent board (one preferably with 8 memory slots), 32GB RAM and then bump up to 64GB when RAM prices go down a little. Probably a GTX 1060 card. I would envision that the build would also have to step in to do some gaming work when it's not doing video.


      Would a competent build above produce desirable gains versus my bit long-in-the-tooth-for-video editing MBP?