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    timeline control issues in firefox

      My flash animation is not loading correctly in Firfox, the ActionScript I'm using to control the timeline with FlashVars is not working. I'm am a beginer at this and I don't know the problem. It is working fine in IE after enabling the ActiveX, as well as in Safari.

      I am creating basicaly a graph that loads values from FlashVars of which values will be set by database entries using php or JavaScript (not my portion of the project). Odly enough I have movie clip symbols in the animation which are working fine. I have flashvars loading into the movie than I declare new variables directed within the respective symbols that in effect control the timeline. The declarations are in the first frame of the main timeline and look a little like this:

      FirstSymbol.FirstVariable = FlashVar;
      SecondSymbol.SecondVariable = OtherFlashVar;

      and so on. Then within the symbols I have timeline controls to play the movie at a particular frame according to the variable values, they look something like this:

      if (FirstVariable<=0) {
      } else if (FirstVariable>0 & FirstVariable<=1) {
      } else if (FirstVariable>1 & FirstVariable<=2) {

      This is all working fine. But the same principal is not working on the main timeline. I even tried re-declaring a new variable with the value equaling the imported FlashVar, but it didn't make a differenence. There is one diference with the bellow code which is that it is all in a "if, else if" statement. In the main timeline I have two variables that will control the timeline. One is to bring the timeline to a certain point (this is not working), the other is to limit how far the movie will play according to the value it is givin. So I have the "if, else if" statement in the begining to make sure it does not go anyware if the limiting variable is equal to zero. The code I'm using looks something like this:


      if (LimitingFlashVar<=0)
      } else if (LimitingFlashVar>0)
      if (StartingFlashVar<=0) {
      } else if (StartingFlashVar>0 & StartingFlashVar<=1) {
      } else if (StartingFlashVar>1 & StartingFlashVar<=2) {
      } else if (StartingFlashVar>2 & StartingFlashVar<=3) {

      Instead of going to and playing the appropriate frames the movie just starts playing from the first frame and only stops at the next ActionScript which tells it to stop. Regardless, it niether stops at the first frame, nore does it jump to the appropriate frame. I don't know if this is an ActionScript problem, as it behaves the same way if the ActiveX is not enabled in IE, but once it id enabled it works fine in IE, and as I said, Safari.

      So what's the deal with Firefox? Is there some Script that can counter this issue and make it work. I've seen other posts which seam to address similar issues, and they tell me to "find a block of code X and insert Y after it", they say:

      "If you're having problems getting the Control Flash behavior to work in Firefox, find this line of code:

      var obj=MM_findObj(objStr);

      and add this code on the line after it:

      if (obj && obj[1]) obj=obj[1]; ..."

      I was unable to try this because I'm new at this and I don't know where that code is to be found or edited. Or is it something else? Please help. Sorry this is such a long post, but I would really appreciate some guidence from anyone who can help.