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      Hi, I have wiped all my Android device, and would like to re-activate my Adobe Digital Editions, but it show me "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS", can you help to reset the count? I have 2 device can't be activated now.

          mary lynnc55022212

          I also have too many authorization. Can someone help to reset?


            'Your account has exceeded the maximum number of activations'  on Android devices:


            Seems like there is an AdobeDigitalEditions 'counter' . Moving from device to device, installing the ADE to support a ebook reader app, or even wiping an enabled device and reinstalling ADE app & reader seems to increment some 'counter'.


            I see discussion of 'deauthorizing' a device but how?  If I uninstall an app on my old phone or tablet how is this communicated to the 'counter'?


            That is, If you replace your tablet  & phone with just a new pair how do you make the 'counter' reflect that you only 'authorize' 2 devices? [It seems that MAC & PC use is better understood, better served?].


            That I can buy a new book, using an account associated with my email, where I have already 'exceeded' will mean that I cannot read the book on any device [supposing also that all old phones & tablets have had the apps wiped] as I cannot make my new/current device 'authorized' .   What infuriates is that Adobe gets money to facilitate these transactions, but as they get no $ from free app or end users that they leave us to forum chat among other equally helpless forum posters.