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    How to change output folder UrL

    stigbn Level 1

      I have a flex project which has been created with the ASP.Net development server. Now I want to change my Output folder URL, but this field is disabled in the Project Properties -> Flex Build Path window.

      I can change the Output folder to FlexApps, but then the Output folder URL is automatically set to:
      http://localhost:3000/FlexApps/flex_bin and the field is disabled.

      I would like to change the output folder URL to:

      How can I do this ?
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          This is not the correct way to do this but after some looking around I found .actionScriptProperties in my source dir,
          You can change the rootURL parameter there.

          I just realized that in the file .flexProperties, this should be in your source dir also, if you change the flexServerType from 32 to 0, this enables the Output folder URL textbox but disables using the asp dev server. You could probably change it back to 32 after changing your URL but I don't have a need for the asp server anymore.

          Hope this helps