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    Using Flash on a Mac and a Pc

    vmansx Level 1
      Hello there at my current job i currently use a mac to produce all of the Flash content for my company, when i finish the Flash projects i then send them across to a pc to create an installation package for pc users but everytime i do this i come across a problem that is really annoying me. This problem is when i use the mac to create flash projects everything seems lined up perfectly for example if i create a rollover state for a button when i rollover the over state it is perfectly lined up and looks good but when i send the exact same file to a pc then play it the rollover effects or certain parts of an animation dont seem lined up correctly ie when i rollover the same button the over state seems to jump. Has anyone got any suggestions as it is driving me mad as i seem to be having to create the same thing twice any suggestions would be grate thanks.