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    Photoshop Fonts, Brush Tips, Cancel Subscription

    Lengo67 Level 1

      I'm in forums for photoshop CC 2018. I can't find a way to ask a question! HOW DOES ONE DO THIS?


      I'll ask you.


      1, I have fonts that are English language, but they show in the font drop down box as Asian or Arabic. Why? What setting has gone wrong, and where is it? I didn't change my settings. Suddenly half of my fonts are screwed up and I CANNOT SEE A PREVIEW.


      2. How do I show just the brush tip in the brush drop down box in the upper left? I don't want to see the line. I want to see the tip. A name would be helpful too, but I don't see a way.


      3. Search for a question needs precise language. I can'f find "How to show brushes as tips instead of strokes". How are people suppose to find this? A computer wants it precise! If I could get to a person to ask this, it would save me time! Instead, I've spent hours on this, saving Adobe money, but there is no regard for the user's time and money! When we cannot find the answer, it cost hundreds if not thousands of people THEIR time and money!! GET A CHAT WINDOW! HIRE SOME TECH SPECIALISTS! Better yet, where is the instruction manual? Where's the book? I've had a subscription since 2014. I've spent $300 or more and STILL THERE IS NO USER MANUAL!


      Buy typfaces at $19 a month? Are you people out of your minds? I don't RENT! And I don't like having an open connection to Creative Cloud when I work. Why in God's name do people NEED this?


      LAST QUESTION: How do I cancel my subscription? That probably can't be found either!