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    Flash websites

    cbunbury20 Level 1

      Collin and Kglad


      Are you guys making flash sites, like before, a site generated from animate file, or you bootstrap your animate content? what would be de drawbacks of going with full animate sites, or should we just use animate for interactiva and animated content? I use to love to make full flash sites, but i dont know if its apropiated.


      If using dreamweaver, whats better to import it as a AOM the animation package or just the div tag is better?



      tyvm have a great sunday!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i use animate for all the ios and android apps and games i've been contracted to create.  i use animate for some (eg, those with a lot graphic animations) web pages that use html5/canvas.  but for most html5 webpages i use jquery, css, html and a text editor. (my favorite for the past few years has been sublime text.)


          but i haven't been asked and i haven't done any swf web sites/pages in the past few years.


          as far as dreamweaver (dw) is concerned, i tried to use it many (when macromedia owned flash) years ago and found it difficult to get it to do exactly what i wanted. i guessed it would take me about the same amount of time to master dw as it would to learn html. (i don't think css was even on the horizon - it certainly wan't on my horizon at that time.)  i ended up with a text editor which allowed the pixel perfect control i wanted and i learned html coding.  and i've never been tempted to return to dreamweaver or any other wysiwyg program that, is supposed to, streamline the process of html creation and have since added css, javascript and jquery to my toolbox.

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            cbunbury20 Level 1

            thats the thing, some coligues use, jquery and bootstrap, because they say animate createjs is too heavy compare, but i trust you guys more so i had to ask you



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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              animate does add a lot of extra code but i think that's only relevant if you're coding for banner ads that have strict limits on file size and/or you're coding for dial-up users.  i don't code for ads and i'm not concerned about dial-up users.

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I have less Ls in my name than you might think.


                Apart from AIR app updates, I've had a quiet year for Flash related client work. I have done an HTML5 activity, a while back now, but that had lots of sounds and graphics. The overhead for CreateJS was nowhere near the heaviest thing in the page.

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                  cbunbury20 Level 1

                  here in the third world multimedia activite has been over for a good 5 years, what remains only use jquery and bootstrap for chepa, i remember the times when they would say o no flash is awfull google wont index it, but still flash webmasters we where doing well, so i guess the hesitation to embrace animate is either for the sega things of adobe, and clients low budgets. So i am doing it just for the love of art, games and culture- But your example and kglad, has really inspire me to embrace animate, i was lost with other html5 solutions that they dint fell like enough, including edge, but thing seems stable enough to do wonderfull things like in the swf times. True Kglad dreamweaver was a toughf cookie, but it also did some magic, so i hope this latest version do more, if what you say maybe you can just do all in javascript to bit level lol, no just joking i understand, what we need of html5 is little and just to program in .js what the animate timeline does would be 5 hours, i never been a good coder, i only coded in flash lol, so i hope more like you join the bangwagon and gz to adobe to finally do things right for the loyal flash users we still here, thank you buddys you are the best!

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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    you're welcome, and good luck!