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    Preview Page/Site and Export HTML visual differences

    jinjaar Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      Today i almost finish with my horizontal parallax scrolling site and i perform Export as HTML to generate output files for adding my additionals custom elements and styles before uploading on ftp. When i export it as html everything was perfect all the files was generated properly, but when page oppened i realize that page is different size and scale from what i saw in Preview Page in Browser mode. Also all of my layers( images ) are transformed in Muse with fixed size 2665 x 700 and i am curious can i make them responsive in some way no matter from where Muse or native CSS.


      I will apply pictures below  with differences from Export and Preview mode.


      Best Regards
      Daniel Jelev




                                                   First is scaled one from Export as Html



                               Second is form Preview Page in Browser how it needs to look like