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    Graphic Tablet Problem

    Nexahs1138 Level 4

      My tablet worked fine until the fall update of windows 10 the other week, ever since then the calibration is off on my tablet display. I use an extended display but if I set to 'duplicate' or 'show only' the calibration is fine. It works okay with a mouse but when I use the pen the cursor will appear halfway across the screen from where I'm pressing. I was using it the other day and the cursor started glitching out, in the Windows Defender menu it had said there was an issue with a pen table bus but even after applying this and restarting I still had no luck.



      I've uninstalled the driver and reinstalled to no avail, I'm putting this down to a standard windows screw up (every time windows has an update it usually breaks an Adobe app on me.)



      Monitor is an Acer S220HQL - 1920/1080

      Tablet is an UGEE 1910B - 1440/900