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    Image snaps to left of screen.




      I have Photoshop CS5 Extended - Version 12.0.4 x 64.


      I’ve been using this on my 27” iMac desktop for the past 6/7 years without a problem, but just in the last week, any image I open in PS is locked on the lefthand side of my home screen. I try to move it with my mouse on the top grey bar of the image but it keeps snapping back to the top left and I can't centralise the image as I use to.  It's very frustrating and hope someone can help me.


      I'm using OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.6 and have been for over a year.


      Help Please   I've enclosed a capture of my home screen

      Screenshot 2017-11-20 16.00.45.png


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Your screen shot appears to show a floated window.  You can fix this by going Window > Arrange > Consolidate all to tabs or you might be able to do this by simply dragging the window onto the options bar until you see a blue line.  I can't remember if this is true with CS5 though.


          Also open your Preferences, and in the Workspace tab, check Open Documents as Tabs.  Here again I am not totally sure this is the same with CS5, but I think it is.

          Good luck

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            lindac44610361 Level 1

            Hi Trevor,


            Many thanks for the quick reply.


            I know about Windows > Arrange >  Consolidate all the tabs, but could't drag the window as suggested.


            I checked under Preferences and under 'Interface' I removed the tick from 'Enable Floating Document Window Docking' and that did the trick.


            Thank you so much. I truely appreciate you help