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    Cross platform reading


      Hello digital space of answers.


      I have an issue where I download large academic books that I read on my Mac then maybe read on my iphone or ipad on my commute.


      My issue is that my iphone or ipad cannot pickup on previous location I have read to or highlighted in this book.

      I have signed into the same account so the book appears within all my devises, yet they are all new books (same download of the same book in all devices) and don't reflect my bookmarks or where I am up too, edits/comments, highlights or percentage of read.


      I assume if the book can sync onto multiple devises it could sync changes and keep track of my changes as I move between devises as long as there is an internet connection.


      Has anyone had this issue or found a work around??

      Recommend another app other the Adobe Digital? I need something can work with my busy liftstyle and I can fit reading between tasks.