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    Flash Video Director Template

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      Hi all,

      I created a page of info on the process of creating Flash Video and
      integrating them with Director. The tutorial is at:

      The top part may seem basic for some. It's there to support my students
      who are using clips from YouTube in their work.

      If you scroll right to the bottom, I have a FLA and DIR template for
      linking FLVs in Director. With the SWF created from the FLA movie, and
      with behaviors in the Director movie, you can dynamically link to FLVs
      and have controls to pause, play, rewind, and wait for the end of the

      Hope it's useful to all. Let me know if anything is unclear.

      And thanks to Chuck Neal who helped with the FLV behaviors.


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          What I need is to be able to take flash 9, AS3 swfs, import them into a Director 11 project, and interact with the flash funcitons, call them, set properties, etc. Despite the documentation on the Adobe Director page saying this is possible, I have not been able to get it to work, and other posters on this board have stated that it is currently not possible. Any clarity or examples would help. I notice Director 11 has no entries concerning Director/flash programming yet on the Adobe Developer page, just tutorials for MX2004.
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            On which documentation page does it say you can use AS3 and pass info
            between Director and Flash using AS3? It is absolutely not possible at
            this time. Adobe has stated that this is not possible and there is no
            way to make it happen at this point in time. At some future time, the
            Flash Asset Xtra may be updated to be able to handle AS3, but right now,
            it can not. You will need to use AS2 if you need to communicate between
            Director and the swf at all.
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              Scott_K Level 1
              Ok, sorry, I must have misunderstood the implications where it says "Support for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional software and video created with Flash"

              Oh well....
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                rafa@mediatech Level 1
                This is great!
                I cant wait to try it out. I have tried other tutorials but never get it to work...I think there might be a problem with my Flash. I haven't been able to successfully convert any of my .mov of .avi files to flv and have it on a swf.

                I add the file to the flash converter, it takes its sweet time converting. It gives me a reasonable size .flv but it doesn't play in flash...anyway, I cant wait to try your tutorial

                Thanks Dean!
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                  I am using Director MX 2004 on Mac and PC. I used Flash CS3 to create an SWf with a linked Flv file. The projector created in Director to run on mac plays fine. The projector created Director for pc doesn't show the the swf. Even in authoring mode the swf shows up on the stage on the mac. But the PC in the authoring mode the swf just appears as a white box.

                  Could you give me some direction
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                    J S 23 Level 1
                    Is there a way to bring in a swf with an alpha channel so the video automatically plays without seeing a controller or any of the other elements of the video?