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    Slow performance - Photoshop - Help...


      We have been experiencing slow performance since upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CC2017.

      Whilst accessing images stored to the local SSD storage, switching between image layers is optimal and there is no signs of slow performance.

      However as soon as we try to manipulate image layers stored on NAS drives, there is a 5 second delay when switching between layers.

      We have tried increasing the amount of cache and RAM the application is allowed to use, with the inbuilt performance settings, this had no effect.

      Disabled potentially disruptive services – No Effected

      Ran the application with administrative permissions – No Effect

      Used long paths instead of mapped location – a very slight increase in speed but minimal.

      I think the problem is the application is trying to modify the file in its current place, is it possible to set Adobe to cache the file while, its being modified then just to save it back after work has been completed.

      The work around we have been using is to save the files to the C\ then to move them back after completion. Is this the best solution?