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    I need a (Muse) hero...3 Mobile Challenges (breakpoint, crazy image resize and links)


      Hi Muse!


      I have built a site in Muse and am looking for some help with 3 outstanding issues with the mobile breakpoint.

      The site is: Home / Inferstudio

      The file can be accessed at: My Cloud


      The problems are:

      1. The 360 breakpoint does not initially load correctly on iPhone 5 (or presumably 4) - it appears as too zoomed in; when the user zooms out by pinching, the site loads correctly. Should I make the breakpoint smaller - or is there an easier way of fixing this?

      2. On the home page, there are images for each project - I would like these to link to the project pages (currently only accessible from the drop-down burger bar) - however, the burger bar composition overlaps onto the images and prevents the links from working. How could I have the burger bar composition in its current position, as well as working hyperlinks on each image?

      3. The site does not zoom correctly - pinch and holds causes the content to jitter between positions. Zooming in locks the users into a particular position. I think this is because I am using a disabler widget to prevent horizontal scrolling  - previously, the user could swipe all the content away to endless white space on either side of the site! Any ideas about how to allow horizontal scroll when zoomed in, but not when zoomed out...


      Any advice with the above would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to provide more information/support to anyone who thinks they can help me resolve these outstanding problems.


      Thank you!



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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Try to test-wise reproduce your  „composition menu system“ by using the newest version of muse. It seems to work there.

          Try to delete your 3rd party widgets one by one, publish your site and look, if your issues are persisting.

          Horizontal scroll should not be prevented by using a widget, but by making sure, that no element is placed outside or overlaps the given page/breakpoint width of bleeds outside, if you drag the scrubber inwards. (I see many element of your page running outside the breakpoint boundaries.


          It would be more than helpful, if you reduce your site to only one page and only a very few elements, which demonstrate your issues, instead of presenting us a complete layout.  (with invisible and/or locked elements/layers). So, it really needs much time, to find one’s way through your layout, before even beginning with looking for the issues.

          If you delete all(!) elements, which are not related to your issue, chances will be higher to find the problem. I know, that means work. But if you don’t do it, we have to do it (, although it is not our site ).