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    Child IFrame HTMLLoader, HTMLHost and Location

      Hi All,
      I wrote a small app with the early versions of Adobe Air that essentially monitored for swear words in any HTML Content. This monitoring was done in Flex and effectively monitored HTML objects innerHTML for any matches. I had no problems doing this with early versions of Air, but seem to be having problems with the latest 1.0 release.
      Previous versions allowed me to check child IFrames, belonging to the root HTML object, innerHTML content and relevant locations. Now however it seems that the root application cannot access any data relating to child IFrame's. Is there anyway around this issue, or is this going to be continued with all later releases?
      I have attempted to set a custom HTMLHost or HTMLLoader for child IFrame object's but again this does not seem to have any affect at all, meaning that any custom functionality that I have implemented in my own HTMLLoader or HTMLHost is skipped for all content loaded within a child IFrame.
      Any help or info related to my issue would be brilliant. Thank's for releasing such an incredible platform to the market for free Adobe.... along with your recent announcement of the Flash and Flex platform's you guys really are building a platform for the future of the web.


      Adam Tyler.