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    Newbie - Need Help Exporting Animation


      I have tried several different options but must be doing something completely wrong.  I have a very short animation - 5 seconds - that I want to export to video so that I can use it in Premiere Pro.  I am using latest version of Animate CC on Windows 7 64 bit system.  I can export the initial "mov" file but when it is opened with quicktime there is only a single frame with my character on a black background.  This is not critical but I am trying to ignore stage color (generate alpha channel) so that I can have a transparent background for the clip in Premiere Pro.  When I use Adobe Media Encoder to create the H.264 file for import to premiere it creates a clip of the correct length (00:00:04:29) but all frames of the clip are the same image with a black background.


      Any suggestions are appreciated - thanks - Ben


      My selections in Animate for publish and export are below - followed by my selection in Adobe Media Encoder.




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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You don't show your timeline, is it a one frame with a movieclip that has the 5 seconds of animation, or is the animation on the main timeline? Are there any stop(); actions in it?


          Assuming you are getting a 5 second MOV, don't send it to Adobe Media Encoder, use the MOV in Premiere. The black background is normal for something that has an alpha, but in Premiere you will need to right-click on the media in the project panel and choose Modify/Interpret Footage. In there make sure the Ignore Alpha Channel isn't checked. There are also settings for whether the alpha is premultiplied or not. I haven't tested that, but I suspect Animate is premultiplying. Try different settings to see which one gives you the cleanest edges.


          You could send the MOV through AME, and your settings are probably right, but you're adding another thing to go wrong, and lowering the quality, to save a bit of drive space.

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            benj333 Level 1



            Thanks for your help.  Below is a screen shot of my timeline.  No stops or actions - I don't have a clue how to do either of those yet.  I was finally able to get a sorry workaround by using the export PNG feature.  I would like to figure out the best way to export/import high quality animations for final assembly in Premiere Pro.  Please let me know if you need any additional information. 




            Thanks again - Ben

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              There was no screenshot attached. What I said in my previous message is what you should do. Export to MOV, don't convert to MP4, and in Premiere interpret footage and make sure the ignore alpha is not checked.