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    XML-RPC with Coldfusion and Bugzilla


      I am trying to send data to Bugzilla from my Coldfusion Application..and Bugzilla uses XML-RPC, i only worked with SOAP before and havn't had any idea on XML-RPC and tried to browse thru in google but unable to find the exact info. needed. of how to connect to Bugzilla and Create a Bug using Bugzilla API.. from Coldfusion.

      here is my code below of how am using.

      Bugzilla API Documentation is here


      I am using a Create Method to Create a Bug.

      <cfinvoke webservice=""

      <cfoutput>response is: <strong>#rpcCall#</strong> <br>
      did you see anything for now.. testing this script. thanks

      when i execute the above code, i do get the error below.

      Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation.
      Name: WSDL: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect It is recommended that you use a web browser to retrieve and examine the requested WSDL document for correctness. If the requested WSDL document can't be retrieved or it is dynamically generated, it is likely that the target web service has programming errors.