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    Http Protocol no longer working for ?req=imageprops or ?req=props


      We currently use Adobe to download thousand of images from our client.

      To ensure we were only grabbing the latest version, we would obtain the image's version number and timestamp prior to download.


      By appending ?req=imageprops onto the image url, we would find image.timestamp.

      By appending ?req=props onto the image url, we would find metadata.version and image.version



      here is an example url with a screenshot or what used to appear:



      Unfortunately, a recent change or release stopped this from working and now the above url extensions return nothing.

      I am in desperate need of guidance.  If the syntax has changed, please provide it.  If it is presented in a new fashion, an example would be greatly appreciated.

      I have looked through all the new documentation and cannot find the correct way to handle this.

      Thank you in advance