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    Layer order and how to make a layer disappear the time of an animation and make it reappear then.



      I have several problems in the Character Animator software, firstly I have a character who needs to have an arm so the shoulder is behind the beard, but the hands can go over the beard, I fixed the problem by making a copy of the arm, I erased a part on a layer and another part on the other layer, which causes me other problems. Since it is not possible to have all the animated arms to make the animations in the same file as the arms (by default) some of them need to be behind the body of others over the body and even certain to the middle. The arms (by default) do not disappear automatically when I activate the animation using a trigger, I tried to do cycles layers to make them disappear, but, either they disappear at the end of the animation and did not reappear, or the arm reappears before the end of the animation when you release the trigger. Is there a way to make something disappear with a given time after the trigger or any other solutions?



      Is it normal that when I add (other animation) and return to character animator, some of the stuff that I had configured although they kept their configuration, does not work anymore as it should? ... especially the eyes tend to do this, I also have the body that moved very well and now there is deformation during the movement. I spend more time dealing with problems that have advanced in my work.