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    Problem Using Dynamic Link




      I am trying to use dynamic link in my current workflow but whether I try to import a character into AE or Premiere Pro the file in question is so slow to update it is pretty much unusable. I have searched on the forums but the only answers I can find refer to dynamic link not working at all.


      Does anyone have any tips or potential fixes in this regard? My PC is not cutting edge but I have an Nvidia 1070 with 32 gigs of ram and a fair enough CPU (quad core 4.0) so I wouldn't expect this to be something my computer will struggle with.


      Hope I'm explaining myself okay. To reiterate - CH puppets show up in both programs but just don't update fast enough to work with.



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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          What resolution and framerate are the puppets in? It's possible they're so big that AE/PR are choking. Like I talked to a guy yesterday who was using 600dpi assets! Yeah, that's going to chug.


          Otherwise - whenever I'm doing dynamic link in AE, I always lower my preview settings for a lower resolution and some skipped frames to get smoother performance. Might help here too.

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            Rikgag Level 1

            Thanks! That's given me some stuff to try with the next video. I really want to get dynamic link working as it would be so useful!


            I'll report back before I hit the answer box if that's okay? Cheers for taking the time to offer suggestions!

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              CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

              When making changes in Ch and then switching back to AE/PPro, if you're standing at a time far from the start of the scene, it will be slow because it has to compute all the frames starting from the first frame. So for fastest response when switching back & forth, in AE/PPro view a frame near the start of the scene.