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    Tutorial on file management: syncing, deleting, etc using the latest apps


      Dear Adobe,

      I like the new cloud oriented version of Lightroom in many respects. One point of confusion remains however--what is the relation between deleting a photo on Lightroom's website vs. deleting a photo in the desktop version of (cloud) Lightroom CC vs. deleting a photo in Lightroom Classic vs. deleting a photo in the iPhone or iPad versions of Lightroom? When is a photo deleted from Adobe's cloud servers vs. deleting the original on my desktop's hard disk? I'm afraid to delete images that have been synced and are visible on my iPhone's Lightroom app and are also visible on my page at lightroom.adobe.com for fear that I might also delete the originals on my desktop's hard disk. I would love to see a tutorial specifically about exactly what is being synced, and to where, and what is being left untouched. Could you do this or does such a tutorial already exist?

      Thanks -- Joan

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It doesn't exist but I can attempt to answer some questions. I don't know if this is 100% right as really we haven't been given much guidance on this and I just played with it to figure these things out. When you import files into Lightroom CC, they get copied to a temporary location and then uploaded to the cloud. At that point the cloud copy becomes the master file. The files in their original location will remain and unless you delete them yourself, they are now uncoupled from the cloud copy. If you now delete an image from Lightroom CC, Lightroom Web or Lightroom CC mobile, it will delete them from all three of those. The cloud master will be deleted and any temporary local copies in mobile and CC will be deleted. This will not touch your "originals" that you imported from as long as you kept them.


          Lightroom Classic is a bit different. If you delete an image in any of the CC apps, Lightroom Classic will simply stop syncing the image and keep what it has s it will only be deleted from the cloud side. If however you delete a synced image from Classic, it also deletes it from the cloud servers.