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    Complete: Design the Forums Banner Challenge | PSE/P4B - Phase 1

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      Hi Pixel Pushers,


      Congratulations to Dave and Nancy for their winning submissions.

      View Dave's on the Photoshop for Beginners forums

      View Nancy's on the Photoshop Elements forums


      Up for a challenge?


      Let's start up a Design the Photoshop Forums Banner Challenge for the Photoshop for Beginners and Photoshop Elements forums!


      Previous banner challenges for Photoshop have been very successful.


      Phase 1: Design! Submit! Vote!


      Purpose: Create a fresh forums banner for Photoshop for Beginners and Photoshop Elements forums.



      How to participate:

      1. Download the Template
      2. Submit your Forums Banner design by attaching your image in a response to this thread before January 2018.
        • Specify which space you've designed for. "Both" is acceptable.
      3. We’ll then round up all of the submissions and vote for the people's favorite for both Photoshop for Beginners and Photoshop Elements!

      Details: Use the above template design as a starting point for your designs which will help you position your imagery so it won’t be covered by the forum's CSS banner elements:

      • Image dimensions: 1150px ×150px (72dpi)
      • File size: 30kb or less
      • File type: .JPG or .PNG


      Please keep all submissions Photoshop-related (Photoshop/Photoshop Elements UI is OK to use), safe for work, and use image content you have the rights to (do not use any copyrighted images).


      Timeframe: Post your design(s) to this thread, and we'll start voting in early January 2018.


      Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!



      Adobe Social Team


      We also are doing a challenge for the Photoshop General discussion as well!

      Complete: Design the Photoshop Forums Banner Challenge - Phase 3