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    CHM File Fonts

      Hi all,

      Is there any way to embed a font in a chm file that users can see even if they don't have the font installed? I'm particularly fond of TW Cent MT and have modified the TOC and style sheet to incorporate it, but when I view the file on a tester's computer, it's all Arial or some default font.
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, ewiqoujfdsaklfjlaksj,

          You can do this by using Microsoft's WEFT (Web Embedding Fonts Tool) to embed the required fonts in your HTML source topics, but, as I recall, the process is exceedingly tricky and error-prone. WEFT is available from here:


          I've only ever tried to use WEFT with help projects created with HTML Help Workshop, so I don't know how well it will work with RoboHelp projects.

          Here is a link to a six-year-old newsgroup discussion in which we talked about ways to embed fonts with WEFT.

          http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public.helpauthoring/browse_thread/thread/64a32c3 4c7231265

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            I have successfully embedded fonts in a .chm just by including the font in baggage. Pete, is there any reason why one shouldn't do this?

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              Pete Lees Level 2
              Hi, John,

              > successfully embedded fonts in a .chm just by including the font in baggage

              Hmm, I can't get this to work. Have tried in the past, and tried again this morning, and it's not working for me; the font file is not being found when it is inside the .chm file. Can you provide a little more information on the technique you used (maybe the HTML source of a sample topic)? Are you embedding TrueType or OpenType (.eot) fonts?

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                I used a true type font which I added to baggage and then called in a STYLE="font-family:"NI7SEG" in a SPAN tag. This was a special font to simulate our instrument's 7 segment display in a simulator topic. In the HEAD section RoboHelp added a fontset line which is a comment I assumed was just to help the WYSIWYG editor. None of the other computers here has this font installed but the .chm displays it correctly. This .chm is just used locally so maybe I'm missing something - all of our computers are networked so maybe Windows is finding it outside of the compiled .chm. I'll check this out more.

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                  Hmm, if I open the CHM on a non-networked computer it uses a substitute font. And all these years I thought this was working :(. I guess I never tested it well the first time.