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    Edits Sync to Some devices but not From others


      So, I'm running the new LR Classic I guess, newest version. I usually edit on my iPad Pro (latest version,) then when I open my laptop (Macbook Pro circa 2014) it all syncs up and my edits transfer from my iPad to my laptop.


      Then I updated.


      Now it won't.


      Now after a couple of hours figuring it out, I noticed some things sync and some don't: If I change a setting like exposure, or any other edit, it syncs to my iPad. However, any changes made on my iPad do not then transfer to my laptop EXCEPT the contents of an album. If I delete a photo out of an album on my iPad, it quickly deletes from the album on my laptop. However, if I do any editing to that photo on my iPad, none of the settings sync back to the laptop. That being said, if I make an edit to it on my laptop, it syncs to my iPad.


      I have synced back and forth many times in the past, and have about 15 hours of work on my iPad since I last synced to my laptop. Many times before I have done this and the updates synced no problem. I update, and now they don't.


      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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          Just to let you know I am having similar problems. Editing on one device, and the edit does not appear on other devices. I'm using a PC, an IPad, and a Pixel android phone. In particular selective edits with the brush do not appear. Large edits, changing the whole picture to black and white for instance, seem to sync quickly. with smaller edits it may be a time issue.  It's not plain sailing, that's for  certain, and not working as it should.