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    Show/Hide Next Page Using Buttons/Checkboxes/Radio

    hollys45933388 Level 1



      I have a fillable form PDF that has multiple similar pages. I want to be able to add more pages for entry if the user needs it, but not have the document be tens of pages long.if the user doesn't need that much space.


      Someone had suggesting using method spawn for this; I tried it, but I found that my form field names changed so that radio buttons were no longer linked etc. And that it would always add to the bottom of the doc, whereas I'd want it directly after the template page.


      So instead, I'm hoping to add hidden pages to my form. I want my users to be able to click a button (or a checkbox, or a radio button, or whatever) at the bottom of the template page that will unhide the next page so it can be filled out. Is this possible?


      Thank you!