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    add a textFrame to a specific layer?

    subieguy2 Level 2

      I am adding text to my document with the following parameters setup...


      var attachmentTextFrame = doc.textFrames.add();
      // Fill color
      attachmentTextFrame.textRange.characterAttributes.fillColor = newRGBColor;
      // Font size
      attachmentTextFrame.textRange.characterAttributes.size = 14;
      // Font
      attachmentTextFrame.textRange.characterAttributes.textFont = app.textFonts.getByName("Arial-BoldMT");
      // Make all text uppercase
      attachmentTextFrame.contents = attachmentDescription.text.toUpperCase();
      // Placement of the textFrame
      attachmentTextFrame.position = new Point(useThisX, useThisY);


      Is there a way to make this textFrame be created on a layer called "Single Line"?