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    Lightroom CC 2018 Paste Edit Setting not working for multiple images

    christianf32328556 Level 1



      I can't find an appropriate answer to this anywhere.


      In previous Lightroom versions you could copy and paste/sync edit settings across multiple images easily.


      With Lightroom CC 2018, copy and paste flat out doesn't work when multiple images are highlighted.


      It will paste the settings to the image in the window but not the others selected in the Filmstrip view.


      Also, I have not seen the option to copy *all" settings - for example, crop does not paste over to any images - even if doing one at a time.


      This seems like it should be a dramatically easy thing to do but I can't figure it out and can't find anywhere online where people are having the same problem.


      Have a number of timelapses with 1000+ images just waiting to be edited because this seemingly simple feature hasn't been catered for in an easy-to-use way in Lightroom CC (it seems anyway).


      Can anyone help?

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