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    What is maximum height of image I can use-please help

      Please If somebody could help me,
      I have made some kind of sliding menu (you can see it here Alarmi555 and on a third menu I get red block displayed instead my menu. All three menus (slot machine roles) use the same code but the images are different.
      Now. for first two roles I use images that have height of cca.2000px and they display ok, but third role uses graphic that has height of 17 000 px , and it doesn't render right, and displays red square instead.
      I tried with smaller image in third role and it displays right.
      My movie height is only 300 px and I use the mask for the image scroling.
      Is there a limit of image height that I can use in flash, and is there a way to fix this other than making the image smaller.
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          clbeech Level 3
          2880 px is the maximum size of a single image. you could construct a series of images and 'chain' them together, OR bring them to the Stage dynamically as they 'roll', OR 'fake the 'roll' with a small blurred MC image, OR recycle the position of a single smaller clip, by moving it's position back to the bottom (or where it starts) after it move a particular distance.