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    I figured out why there's no action on this forum.

    darlah36422689 Level 2

      You have to go through many mysterious steps to start a new thread.  "Forum help" is no help.  Nothing works the way every other forum in the whole dam world works. Like all Adobe products, the system is designed by non-humans.


      I just wanted to start a new thread about how "translate" doesn't work if you are translating something that has multiple languages in it.  If there is one English word in a post, the translator thinks the whole thing is in English.


      It took me fifteen freaking minutes of getting lost in Adobe's site to figure out how to post this.


      I'm so frustrated and angry I am shaking.


      F*** Adobe, and their f****** forums.


      If Fotolia ever makes me use their upload system, F*** Fotolia.