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    After Effects Render Crash (Multiple Versions)


      Ok so i made an edit in ae cc 17 on friday then I tried to render but every time it would crash. So then I tried to import into AME but it couldn’t detect it. I finally got it into AME but it would fail after barely starting. I waited a day then tried the same thing. I even installed cc 18 and AME 18 but same error happened in AME 18 and I couldn’t even open the project in ae cc 18, it kept crashing. I finally gave up. Yesterday I tried to make an edit in ae cs6 and I tried to render as h.264 so i could get a mp4 video but it would fail at the about the same frame every time. I rendered as a different format thought and it worked but lowered the quality a lot and cut out some of the audio from the start so it took 3 seconds then the audio finally played. Anybody know what I can do so I can render my videos?