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      I finished my work at home using flash 8...only to find out that the school version is 6.
      I worked really hard on this, and is there ANY way to open in version 6.

      PS: If i cant get the perfect work loaded, at least 80% of it!!! I just want most or at best some to get opened.
      PSS: Does copying and pasting frames work?

      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Unfortunately you can only backgrade by 1 version. This means that, you can save out to Flash 7 from home. Then find a copy of Flash 7 (MX 2004) and save out from there to Flash 6 (MX) Though I wouldn't recommend doing this, as the differences between 6 and 8 are very extreme. Probably better to just do all your work one place or the other (in your case at home, since that is where you started it)
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            anjsi Level 1
            So how can i downgrade?
            Do i download version 7 and open the file with it?
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              RossRitchey Level 4
              Perform a "Save As" in Flash 8, select Flash 7 (MX 2004) from the drop-down - this saves it as a Flash 7 compliant file.

              Next, you need a copy of Flash 7 (MX 2004). Open the file you created in that, and "Save As" to Flash 6 (MX).

              Again, the differences are pretty extreme between Flash 6 and Flash 8, so I do not recommend downgrading this far. Also, you will NOT be able to work on your file at home and keep it as a Flash 6 file, unless you work in MX 2004.