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    Raid Performance - is it OK? (2 x WD Gold 4TB in RAID 0)

    Stoyanov Level 1



      I am not very sure is my raid setup ok for the hardware use and I am not very familiar with benchmarks, can someone help to read the benchmark below:


      I use 2 x 4TB WD Gold in RAID0. Using the Intel controller in Asus Priome X299-Deluxe mainboard.

      I expected 400 MB/s speed and the results from the first roll (Seq) is more than expected, but I am not sure in all the 4KiB marks.

      I striped the ride from bios utility at 128 KB, and did format the disk in windows at 64kB unit size.

      Are all the 4KiB results from the bottom 3 rolls OK for this ride and the hardware I use?

      Please let me know, or if I need to re-format or build the RAID in BIOS again if necessary.



      raid test.jpg