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    Not Recognizing XML File

    andrewmcgibbon Level 1
      I have a page that rotates through a series of static graphics with an animated sequence between each static image. I did not design this and am now having to make a duplicate copy of this with new colors in the animation and a different XML file to draw the images and titles from. You can see the working version here:

      Working Version

      I have gone into the action script where the XML file name is specified. I have changed the name to the new XML file name. I re-export the swf file and despite the XML file being in the same location as the original XML file, this simple change seems to break the animation and it freezes just before putting up the first information from the new XML file.

      Non-Working Version

      Actionscript is not my strong suit. I have gone through and compared the code and I can't find anything that would explain this problem. If anyone has any pointers on what might be causing this, I would be extremely greatful to hear from you.