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    Adobe Reader DC issues with Drawings within PDF running windows 10.




      We have issues with our PDF files that have drawings inside, they show up as jibberish and print as jibberish. We found this for only our windows 10 users, windows 7 is not effected. We also Downloaded and installed Fox it reader and the Drawings were back to being fine Does anyone else have issues with Adobe Raeder and Windows 10 with PDF files ??

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Johnt,


          We apologize for the delay in response to your query.

          Thanks for sharing the steps and workaround that you have followed. You have mentioned that it did work with same app on different OS. Also, as suggested in the help document Error "A drawing error has occurred" | Adobe Acrobat, Reader  to check the same file with other application, I believe you have checked that too and it worked using other app.

          In this case would that be possible for you to share a sample file with us, as we would like to test the same at our end to see whether its a compatibility issue or problem with the file.

          In a mean while you may check with a different file that has drawing in it and run repair of Acrobat on Win10. Acrobat>Help>Repair Installation.

          "You can share the file with us via email. And you can send it to the email that is shared via private message. Please do mention your forum thread in the subject"