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    Problem with the Cursor in the New 2018 CC Update


      While I'min the middle of finals for school, I can't seem to use photoshop for my classes because the cursor seems to be stuck on the hand. NOT THE HAND TOOL, just a hand cursor that you would usually see when you go online and certain sites have a hand cursor for you to select things. It's weird because the program seems to do this to all new projects I make, projects I make through photoshop and from going back and forth with Sketchbook Pro, and Illustrator, it seems to have it stuck on this cursor, I can't select brushes, type, and every other tool there is. It won't let me use them on the canvas.


      Another odd thing that happened was that I reinstalled the last program, the 2017 CC version, and its doing the same thing! What is going on! I need this fixed or I'm going to fail my classes because it won't let me do my projects.