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    FABridge website down?


      The following page hasn't worked for some time: -


      Does someone have a new one?

      Where can one view the FABridge example these days?

      Cheers Richard Maher
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          FlexBeginner Level 1
          C'mon guys/gals, please!

          I know this group is unwieldy to say the least, and Adobe employees are like hen's teeth, but the website is down and the FABridge is a very useful (and I feel important) horse in the stable so if someone could just give me a Webmaster address or "Your call is important to us" contact then that'd be just peachy!

          I'm trying to work out why my FABridge example works on Mac OS-X with Firefox and not Safari and I'd just like to check if Adobe's example is working, as a control.

          Cheers Richard Maher
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            Sreenivas R Adobe Employee
            FABridge and samples are available with Flex 3 SDK in the following directory of the Flex 3 SDK installation:


            It is available under sdks directory in Flex Builder.

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              FlexBeginner Level 1
              Hi Sreenivas,

              Thanks for the reply.

              I think to fully appreciate my dilemma you should click on this link: -

              and then click again where it says "View the sample application". This used to work for many months and has stopped working for about the last two months. Probably a simple re-org or server change, but if someone could pull a finger out and fix it then many more in the world can be introduced to the beauty and simplicity of Adobe's FABridge.

              Cheers Richard Maher
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                Mike J. Potter
                Hi FlexBeginner:
                Thanks for the note - I've emailed our web team to find out why its down, or if there's a replacement URL for you.

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                  FlexBeginner Level 1
                  Thanks Mike.
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                    FlexBeginner Level 1
                    Still down :-(

                    C'mon guys, I really wouldn't whinge so much if I didn't know it was something that was very easy to fix! Please, can you just give me the name of someone I can annoy and I'll do the chasing.

                    FABridge is a brilliant tool! You're now (and for the last 2 months) stopping people from experiencing it. Please fix the damned URL!

                    Cheers Richard Maher
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                      Mike J. Potter Level 1
                      Its not that easy to fix. The team first has to find out what server it was that used to host it, then find out why its not responding, and figure out what else to do. I emailed the web team, they said they would look into it. I haven't heard back from them since then, but I'd expect this to take a few weeks, not a few days. Things like this don't move that quickly around here, sorry.

                      This page appears to have a link to a sample file:

                      A Google search for "FABridge Samples" might also help you out:

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                        FlexBeginner Level 1
                        Hi Mike,

                        Thanks for the help and sorry if I was taking my frustration out on you. Unfortunately the "fix" to that link is to tell people that the FABridge is now part of the SDK and to look at the standard docs. And when you do that you'll find that there is no online FABridge example unless you download the SDK and set it up for yourself :-(

                        Now that's really gonna make people want to experience the delights of the FABridge *not*! If this is just a cynical ploy to get more people to download the SDK then good luck to ya.

                        Otherwise, this may be of interest to you. If you go to NASDAQ.COM and view their "Interactive Charts" you may experience WEB1.5 functionality such as "chartHolder.innerHTML=showChart(blah)" and the chart's swf seemingly being reloaded every time (click checkbox to add another stock). I may be wrong but, to me, this looks like a *perfect* example of where the FABridge could be used to give their Javascript access to their Flex components, no?

                        But surely NASDAQ would not be under-resourced in their web-development department and their may be valid reasons for doing what their doing. On the other hand now that Adobe has made it so difficult for anyone to see what the FABridge does they might just not have heard of it. Food for thought?

                        Cheers Richard Maher