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    JavaScript Radio Choice Variable Values




      Looking to add a calculations tool on my form that will fill various fields.


      This is an evaluation form that asks multiple questions, and the responses either gives you a best answer, good answer, or wrong answer with a value assigned to each response. The form has a total of 48 Groups. Each group contains either 2 or 3 selections (some sections have just a right or wrong answer). I have named each group the same to allow only 1 selection per group. (i.e. Group1, Group2, etc.). I have assigned a Choice value to each with some questions having more weight than others (values 5,4,3,2,1, or 0). Points would be awarded depending on the question and best-worst answer (worst always being 0). No question will have more than a value of 5 for the best response. Lastly, each question group has an "N/A" block that would void the points from that question if the evaluator deemed it not required.


      Example (made up): How do you change a tire? Response could be Answer 1 that is a step by step instruction (best =3). Answer 2 is call AAA (good =2). Answer 3, they have no clue (wrong =0) or this question will not be graded (N/A).


      I need a block that can:

      #1. Count the best score possible based upon the highest points per question (adjusted if N/A is selected)

      #2. Count the overall score (total points) from the selections in each group. This will then be a simple calculation to a % block. (Score/Total)

      #3. Auto fill a "Pass" (in green) block if the score is >= 75% and "Fail" if the score is < 75%.


      Any suggestions are helpful because I don't have a clue how to accomplish! Thanks!