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    Slightly transparent workspace


      Im seeing through my workspace in photoshop, lightroom and illustrator. For example, able to see emails etc - very slightly... can even see the stuff through some of my artwork in those applications. Is this a known bug? maybe a graphic processor issue? If I screen grab it, the artifacts I am seeing are not showing on the grab (however, i can still see through the art that is grabbed if brought up in photoshop)


      Here are some specs on my machine:


      If nobody has can identify the issue I can try posting some pix that are taken with a camera.

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          cjshelby78 Level 1

          This is very similar to what i was experiencing with the same iMac and Photoshop and Bridge.  I would see other elements bleeding through my background colors in the adobe windows such as bridge and photoshop goes wonky too with artifacts.  I'm pretty sure it's a GPU issue with new adobe products.  Try reverting to older versions.