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    Shockwave Standard inclusion plugin

      As a grandfather in rich media design I have spent many years learning and enjoying designing/programing with Director and Lingo. Many worked with the program and followed its progress through the days of controlling external video discs - 150k cd-roms - 28k "NON rich Media" modems - DVD's.

      Now that Broadband has past the bell curve of standardizations it would be extremely beneficial for us designers to have the ability to continue with their dev. with the comfort that the plugin would be in users/viewers browsers list of default prepackaged plugins and give an assurance and a justification to our clients that using shockwave would be an excellent way to delivery for B2C.

      Anyone have a comment or perhaps know of a way to hard wire the plugin into a visitors browser without the dreadful need plugin to view this site....and risk loss of market and message.