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    saveAs DSC2.0 Not working properly

    Wes Adams

         Hello I am having some trouble getting Photoshop CC2017 to do what i need.
         I am writing an automation script and I need to save a document via DCS2 format ...
          I am inputing all the correct options into the saveOptions object , however photoshop is outputting 1 file instead of 4
          When i try to save the same document in DCS2 mode manually it works fine ...
          ... Yes I am passing the multiFileDCS option as true to the save options object in my script ...


                function SaveDoc(file){
                          var doc = app.activeDocument;
                          var options = new DCS2_SaveOptions();

                          options.multiFileDCS = true;

                          var path = '/User/Desktop/'+file

                          doc.saveAs(new File(path , options)


      ... The file is saved BUT it is only 1 file , instead of 4 ... If anyone could offer some advice i would greatly appreciate it !
      JJMack , you are the Photoshop master, can you offer any wisdom sir ?

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I got it to work with this code. Your options should be outside the new File parenthesis.


          var doc = activeDocument
          var tPath = new Folder( '/c/AAA DATA/test')
          app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO; 
          var  dOpt = new DCS2_SaveOptions();
          var dName = doc.name.split('.')[0]
          dOpt.multiFileDCS = true;
          doc.saveAs(new File(tPath + '/' + dName + '.eps') , dOpt)
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