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    cancel Adobe Stock




      I saw your Adobe Stock service on the internet a few months ago. There was a “get10 free adobe stock images” project, I linked into the website to see some photos but did not download any of them.


      This month, I found that this service started to charge me from Sep. Since I did not download any photo and did not receive the invoice, I had no idea I already enabled the service.


      I did not need this service and would like to cancel it. Hope you could refund me the payment of last two months. If there is any information needed, please let me know. Thank you very much.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I apologize for the troubles you faced.


          Please see Adobe Stock 30-day trial - Get 10 Stock images free. | Adobe Stock for more details on the offer.


          Additionally, you can now self-cancel your subscription plan from within your account page.

          Please see Cancel your Adobe Stock membership for the details.




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            yijiajie Level 1

            I canceled the service according to your instructions.

            However, there will still be a charge on November 22, 2017, with a six-month charge

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              I have checked your account details and the charge for 130.61 USD wasn't successful as the payment did not come through.


              Additionally, the charge is suspected to be the cancellation fee for the Adobe Stock subscription that you canceled.


              Please see Legal subscription terms | Adobe for more details.




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                I experienced the same thing – although it was 5 months of being charged without me realising...I didn't download anything either!
                When I realised I used the adobe chat service and had to threaten a complaint to trading standards – they finally agreed to cancel my subscription without charge, and refund me all 5 months...after only offering to refund 1 month.

                I recommend you complain and keep complaining as they will refund you eventually, don't cancel the subscription and have that fee – let them cancel it and remove the fee.


                The service is a disgrace – a misleading offer to catch people out, a cancellation fee, and unfair customer care who only act when threatened with further complaint.

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                  yijiajie Level 1

                  I understand your policy states that if people start to use your service, will have to pay 6-mouth payment to cancel it. I also want to mention that I do not use your service. Not even once. Since I already had a Adobe ID before, it’s very easy to browse any of your services. And that was the only thing I did about Adobe Stock.



                  When I found you start to charge me, I knew I can cancel it on your website, but if I did that you will charge me 6-mouth, clearly I didn’t think I opened your service and I didn’t need to follow the rules, that’s why I posted my first message on this forum. I was hoping you could understand the whole situation, but you offered me another solution with the same result, it completely doesn’t make sense.



                  Still, hope you could understand and redound me.