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    ePub/eBook/ADE compatibility with reMarkable tablet(s) - please !



      I am the proud, and happy, owner of a reMarkable tablet. Wanting to try out it's eBook feature, I bought an eBook (epub), but ADE doesn't recognize my reMarkable, I've been able to load the eBook from the finder into the reMarkable app, but when I open the file the pages are all white in the app on my Mac, and the eBook won't even open on the tablet.


      reMarkable have announced that for the time being DRMs are not supported, but I don't know if the eBook I bought has a DRM, is there a way to know? Is that the problem?


      How do I (we, reMarkable users) ask Adobe to make the reMarbale tablet and/or app recognizable and compatible with ADE?