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    assets not syncing


      Hi there,


      Sorry if I'm being thick here, but just starting beginners training on Muse (advanced in indesign and illustrator) and the assets aren't syncing to my work computer. Downloaded the beginners template Create a responsive website | and assets to my home computer last night and all assets synced fine. The assets are showing on CC. Am I doing something simplistically wrong here?


      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Jon,


          How are you trying to access those assets?


          The assets once saved on Creative Cloud Libraries shall be available in the CC Libraries panel in Muse.



          Let me know if this is not the case with you.




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            JonWildfire Level 1

            Hi Ankush,


            Thanks for the reply.


            No CC libraries are showing at all (no drop down menu available!)


            Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.20.02.png

            The asset is showing in my indesign library though, so can't think its a problem with syncing, rather muse itself?!


            Running latest Muse, with OS X 10.10.5



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              ankushr40215001 Level 7

              I worked on the same issue previously for a user on same OS X version.


              After exhausting all the troubleshooting we discovered that probably it's an issue with OS X Yosemite.


              My final suggestion to him was upgrading the OS to EL Capitan.


              He will be doing it later, but I would suggest the same to you as well.


              And do let us know how it goes.